Eval/Tx of Oral Pathology

Oral pathology is the study of disease within the mouth. Most of these diseases are as simple as an infection in the tooth or a benign growth, but some, including cancer, can become life threatening.

Cancer involving the head and neck only account for about 5% of all cancers reported each year. The most common head and neck cancers are caused by the chronic use of tobacco. Other contributing factors include poor oral hygiene, poor nutrition, and/or ill-fitting dentures.

Since the mouth is so readily accessible, any changes can be detected early! Make sure to perform regular self-examinations of the mouth by using a bright light and mirror and inspecting the following:

  • Roof of your mouth
  • Inside of the lips and gums around the teeth
  • Insides of the cheeks
  • Stick out your tongue and inspect all surfaces
  • Feel for lumps or enlarged lymph nodes on the neck and under the lower jaw

What are the warning signs of oral pathology?

  • Patches of white
  • Patches of red
  • Sores that bleed easily and will not heal
  • Lumps or thickening of the soft tissues of the mouth
  • Chronic sore throat or hoarseness
  • Trouble swallowing or chewing

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, please come in and receive an evaluation from Dr. Matthew Schacht.