Sinus Evaluation

There are many ways in which the sinus cavity can be evaluated for a number of sinus conditions.

Dr. Matthew Schacht at Denver Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery can perform a number of these evaluations, which include:

  • Membrane biopsy – where tissue is removed and examined under a microscope
  • Blood tests – which can identify underlying infections or allergies
  • Skin tests – which can identify any specific allergens
  • CT Scan of the sinuses – this can help find cysts, tumors, polyps or structural abnormalities
  • Sinus cultures – can discover the cause of swelling or inflammation
  • Endoscopic nasal evaluation – where a small, bendable tube is inserted into the nasal passages to allow the doctor to visually identify any abnormalities

If you would like to receive a sinus evaluation, please call us and set up an appointment today!