Pre-prosthetic Surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery prepares your mouth to receive a prosthetic and is used primarily for the placement of complete or partial dentures, which sit on the bony ridge of your mouth. In order to ensure the proper fit of the dentures, the bone and tissue in the surrounding area must be the appropriate shape and size.

Sometimes, when a tooth is extracted, the bone may sink or become uneven and jagged and may need to be leveled, reshaped or even removed in order for your dentures to fit comfortably.

There will be several anesthetic options when you receive your pre-prosthetic surgery. Dr. Matthew Schacht will be able to determine which option is best for you!


Pre Prosthetic

Good Look. New Teeth.

Seeing an oral specialist can be a little frightening. What will the outcome be like? How much care will the doctor provide? These questions and more can hinder patients from seeing an oral specialist. Rest assured, as soon as you enter the office of Dr. Schacht, you'll see and feel how much he cares for his patients. If you need pre-prosthetic surgery for dentures, Dr. Schacht will provide the most comfortable care you are entitled to. Smile again for the first time with a new set of dentures that bring your old smile back to life!