In the All-on-4 ® method, four implants are placed in the upper jaw or lower jaw arch (with traditional implants, you need anywhere from 6-8 implants or more in each arch). The implants are placed at an angle, which allows for better support by utilizing the natural strength of your own bone. These four implants will support a fixed prosthesis that holds 12-14 teeth and is placed on the same day as surgery!

This incredible treatment ensures permanent, screw-retained replacement for the entire set of teeth, upper or lower. And all on the same day as surgery!

This method is best for people with significant tooth loss and for people suffering from bone loss in the jaw area that would otherwise prevent them from receiving dental implants. Current and future denture wearers who want a permanent solution to dentures are also ideal candidates.

These implants should be treated like natural teeth, daily brushing and flossing is recommended.

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